Chimneys & Chimney Repair

A neglected chimney can lean, crumble, and completely collapse.  Maintenance is needed to ensure that water doesn’t penetrate the chimney system.  Tuckpointing is one of the procedures we at Bedrock Mason Worx frequently perform, in which damaged mortar is removed; the new mortar gives the chimney the stability and protection it needs.  There are times when brickwork becomes so damaged because of moisture that the bricks also need to be replaced.  Making repairs is, of course, far less costly than having to completely replace a collapsed chimney.

The top of your chimney is a chimney crown unless you install a chimney cap, which is recommended.  If the chimney crown becomes cracked, it needs to be repaired so that moisture doesn’t get into the chimney system.  Moisture is the biggest enemy to the chimney system and can cause damage to the masonry, lining, firebox, damper, ceilings and walls in your home, and more.  Chimney caps also protect the chimney from moisture but also keep out animals and other debris, but they sometimes need to be replaced.Chimney linings (flue pipe) are subjected to a lot of stress, including heat and deposits of flammable substances.  If moisture combines with the creosote, the lining can deteriorate.  When a lining is cracked, it needs to be replaced before using the fireplace or your boiler system,  since the lining is what protects the combustible parts of the home from catching fire.

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